Terms and Conditions

Please find below the latest IUBO terms and conditions (“Terms”).

Please read these Terms carefully. Access to, and use of IUBO products (“Products”), IUBO services (“Services”), and the IUBO website http://www.iuboapp.com/ (“Website”), including any of its content, is conditional on your agreement to these Terms. You must read, agree with, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in these Terms. By creating an account, or by using or visiting our Website, you are bound to these Terms and you indicate your continued acceptance of these Terms.
The present terms and conditions of use regulate the commercial contractual relationship that unites the Allies that access the IUBO Platform and the Operator, especially in the authorization of use granted by the latter in favor of that. If you create an account on the Website, you are responsible for maintaining the security of your account, and you are fully responsible for all activities that occur under the account and any other actions taken in connection with the account. You agree to provide and maintain accurate, current and complete information, including your contact information for notices and other communications from us and your payment information. You may not use false or misleading information in connection to your account, or trade on the name or reputation of others, and IUBO may change or remove any information that it considers inappropriate or unlawful, or otherwise likely to expose IUBO to claims of third parties. You agree that we may take steps to verify the accuracy of information you have provided to us.
  • • Data messages: The information generated, sent, received, stored or communicated by electronic, optical or similar means, such as: The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the Internet, the electronic mail, the telegram, the telex or the fax among others.;
  • • Electronic Commerce: Includes the sending, transmission, reception, storage of data messages electronically. The doubts that arise regarding the effectiveness and validity of the data messages and other activities related to electronic commerce will be interpreted in accordance with the relevant laws of each country;
  • • Cookies: Virtually sent text strings that are stored by the use of the Platform by the Operator, to consult the activities and preferences of users.;
  • • Operator of the Platform: Responsible for operationally and functionally administering the Platform, represented for the purposes of these terms by IUBO TECHNOLOGY LLC., or by the natural or legal person it designates. ;
  • • Personal data: It is all information that identifies a natural or legal person;
  • • The Platform: Web or mobile application administered by the Operator that allows the concurrence of Allies so that through the IUBO platform, they can visualize different performance metrics, offers and transactions;
  • • Terms and conditions of use of the IUBO Platform: Constitute the terms that must regulate the use that the Allies give to the IUBO Platform, as well as the contractual relationships that may be generated between the Allies and the Operator;
These terms and conditions regulate the authorization of use granted by the Operator to the Allies, for them to enter the IUBO Platform / Website https://www.iuboapp.com /. The above, with the objective that the Allies can learn about the performance metrics exhibited in the IUBO Platform, so that they can be used as a reference and with them, they can increase their sales within the IUBO virtual platform. The Operator through the Platform performs the following actions: i) exhibits various performance metrics of the Allies by country, city, category, manufacturer and brand, ii) facilitates access to information relevant to the Ally in the management of its brand and products inside the IUBO Virtual Platform.
It is a web page and mobile application that allows its exclusive use through the portal https://www.iuboapp.com/
The Operator will not modify and at any time the present Terms and Conditions of use of the IUBO Platform / web page https://www.iuboapp.com/ in formal, procedural or substantial aspects, in such a way that the last published version is the one that regulates the commercial relations generated when entering the IUBO Platform.
Available at http://www.iuboapp.com
Any legal entity that accesses the IUBO Platform with the aim of visualizing the performance metrics that it has reached within the IUBO virtual platform. The use of the IUBO Platform is performed by the Ally, stating that, for the celebration of the Contract it enters into with IUBO Technology LLC, by accepting the terms and conditions of use of the IUBO Platform, it has full legal capacity to be subject of rights and obligations, qualities that it endorses when generating its registration.
To access the IUBO Platform, the Ally has as a necessary condition the creation of a User Account, where information such as: Full name of the Ally, E-mail, Name / Ally will be requested. This information is used for the full identification of the Allies that intend to access the IUBO Platform, for compliance with these terms and conditions, and for the prevention of fraud. The use of the account is personal and non-transferable, which is why the Allies are not authorized to assign the validation data for access to the IUBO Platform or the use of their account to any type of third party. Failure to comply with the above will result in the suspension and definitive blocking of the account. In the event that the Ally forgets the validation data, or the data is usurped, it is the obligation of the Ally to inform the Operator through the option "forgot your password". The accounts of the Allies will be administered by the Operator or by the person designated by him, having full power to conserve or not the account, when the information provided by the Allies is not true, complete or secure; or when there is a breach of the obligations of the Allies. With the creation of the User Account, the Allies are expressing their willingness to expressly and unambiguously accept these Terms and Conditions of use of the IUBO Platform. Paragraph. The Ally expressly authorizes by the acceptance of these Terms, the use of Cookies by the Operator in any activity of use that makes the Platform.
By virtue of the conditions of legal capacity, the Allies at the time of the creation of the User Account, expressly declare their ability to celebrate the type of transactions that can be created by using the IUBO Platform.
Through the IUBO Platform, the Operator exhibits different performance metrics individualized by Ally and by country, city, category and brand. The objective of the IUBO Platform is to allow the Ally access to said metrics, with which, the Ally can make market decisions that increase its sales within the IUBO virtual platform. Within these performance metrics the Ally can find: the potential for short and long-term sales of the Ally, the variation in the growth of the brand and the specific products of the Ally, the participation of the brand in the different verticals of the virtual platform IUBO, the sales channel participation by product, the participation of the sales channel by category, the growth of users within the IUBO virtual platform, the growth of orders within the IUBO virtual platform, the frequency of purchase of the brand and the average ticket, the frequency of purchase of the product category and the average ticket, and the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). Additionally, the Allies will have access to a 360º Sampling, which includes, among others: the quantity of deliveries per product (quantity received, deliveries made and delivery percentage) Paragraph. These performance metrics may be modified unilaterally by IUBO, without its modification constituting a breach by IUBO of these Terms and Conditions. For the process of visualizing the performance metrics, the Ally must be fully identified in his user account and follow the following procedure: Enter the IUBO platform and select the information you want to view by: - Country - City - Category - Maker - Brand
OUR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES POLICY Some jurisdictions permit the ordering and delivery of alcoholic beverages. In such jurisdictions, if you place an order that includes any alcoholic beverage, you represent and warrant that you have age of majority. Upon delivery or pickup, as applicable, you shall present a government-issued identification card, evidencing your age, consistent with applicable legal requirements. You also agree that our Delivery Partners may withhold delivery of the alcoholic beverages if you appear or the recipient of the delivery appears intoxicated when receiving delivery of such products. If you do not comply with these terms, you agree that the alcoholic beverage(s) will not be released to you, and you may forfeit the cost of such beverages
"IUBO" The IUBO Platform is a service by subscription through which IUBO Technology LLC grants the Allies a trial period of one (1) week to learn about the services provided by the IUBO Platform. Upon expiration of the one (1) week trial period, the Ally shall pay IUBO the sum agreed between the Parties in any physical or electronic means for the use and rental of the "IUBO" Platform. The form of payment of the commission for use and rental of the IUBO Platform will also be agreed between the Parties.
The Ally accepts that to the extent that the information displayed on the IUBO Platform comes from an automatic re-categorization process that IUBO creates from the catalogs delivered by the Allies to IUBO of the products displayed on the IUBO virtual platform, there may be differences in performance metrics not attributable to IUBO.
With the acceptance of these Terms the Ally undertakes to: (1) Provide truthful and reliable information when creating the User Account; (2) Refrain from transferring validation data to third parties (username and password); (3) Refrain from using the IUBO Platform to perform acts contrary to morals, law, public order and good customs against the Operator or third parties; (4) Pay opportunely to the Operator the commission for use and rental of the IUBO Platform; (5) Immediately inform the Operator in case of forgetfulness or usurpation of the validation data; (6) Abstain from carrying out behaviors that violate the operation of the IUBO Platform; (7) Refrain from supplanting the identity of other Allies; (8) Refrain from deciphering, decompiling or disassembling any element of the IUBO Platform or any of its parts. It is clarified that the commission for use and rental of the IUBO Platform does not exempt the Ally from paying the value of the commission for use and rental of the IUBO Virtual Platform.
By virtue of these terms, the Operator undertakes to (1) Use the information only for the purposes set forth in these terms; (2) Guarantee the continuity of the service; (3) Provide true, reliable, sufficient, clear and updated information regarding the products that it exhibits; (4) Make the Terms and Conditions of use of the Platform available to the Allies updated.
Through the IUBO Platform, the Operator may make available to the Allies commercial information in accordance with good commercial practices. All the information made available in the IUBO Platform as graphics, names, brands, and other elements of intellectual property are legitimately used by the Operator.
The Operator manages directly or through third parties The IUBO Platform; all the information communicated there corresponds to certain and updated information. In no case will the Operator be liable for direct or indirect damages suffered by the Ally due to the use or inability to use the IUBO Platform. The IUBO Platform is available twenty-four (24) hours a day for access and consultation. In this regard, the Operator will make its best efforts to keep the IUBO Platform in operation, but in no case guarantees availability and permanent continuity of the IUBO Platform. The Operator reserves the right to cancel the accounts of the Allies and/or to prohibit access to the IUBO Platform to Allies who engage in conduct that violates these terms or violates the obligations contracted.
The information collected by the Operator for the creation of the performance metrics, is provided by the Allies freely and voluntarily so that it is managed by the Operator or by whom it designates for the fulfillment of the acquired duties. This implies the collection; storage of the information in servers or repositories of the Operator or third parties and circulation of them within the Operator's organization. Likewise, the data collected will be subject to analysis in order to improve the business strategy of the IUBO Platform, supported by business intelligence and data mining tools, which allow prospective knowledge to be acquired for prediction, classification and segmentation purposes. The Operator is responsible for the treatment of personal information collected through the IUBO Platform, responsibility that may be delegated to a third party, acting as responsible or responsible for the information, ensuring contractually appropriate treatment of the same.
It should be understood by database, the organized set of personal data that can be the object of any operation or set of operations: collection, storage, use, circulation or suppression in the terms of the laws that regulate this matter. Any of the Parties must guarantee the adequate handling, use and disposition of the information contained in the databases of the other party, provided in the development of the object of these terms and conditions, and on which it has the due authorization of the holders of the personal data contained therein, and to comply with the provisions of the aforementioned rules and any other applicable regulations in that sense.
Both Parties acknowledge that the industrial and intellectual property rights of The IUBO Platform are owned, or licensed exclusively to IUBO Technology LLC, its subsidiaries, affiliates, affiliates and any other company that is part of the Group. In this sense, the Allies commit themselves to IUBO to respect the industrial and intellectual property rights and other rights over the documentation and information provided by IUBO within the IUBO Platform and all those used for the execution of this Agreement. Likewise, the Allies acknowledge that they have no right over the trademarks and designs used in IUBO Platform and acknowledge that these are rights of industrial or intellectual property of IUBO Technology LLC, its subsidiaries, affiliates or subsidiaries, and undertake not to use or dispose of them outside the guidelines indicated in these terms and conditions, constituting as an infraction any act that contravenes the established herein. It is expressly stipulated that these terms and conditions do not grant any right or license of use over the brands, iconographies, photos, designs, patents, software, technology developed by IUBO Technology LLC and other industrial and intellectual property rights owned or licensed by IUBO Technology LLC, its subsidiaries, subsidiaries or affiliates. This Agreement cannot be understood as a transfer to the Ally of the technology owned by IUBO Technology LLC its parent company, its subsidiaries and / or subsidiaries.
The present terms and conditions of use of the IUBO Platform are subject to the general and sectoral regulations of the territory of the Ally using the IUBO Platform. Its adoption implies the exercise of its free will and that the relationship arising from this document will be governed in all its effects by the commercial law applicable to the legal address of the Ally.
The Allies expressly declare that they have the legal capacity to use the IUBO Platform. Likewise, they claim to have provided real, truthful and reliable information and therefore expressly and unequivocally declare that they have read, understood and accept all the situations regulated in this Terms and Conditions of Use of the IUBO Platform, so they are committed to full compliance with the duties, obligations, actions and omissions expressed here.